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Walt Maguire, Author, Founder and Principal

Walt Maguire is an accomplished sales leadership executive with a track record in building highly successful cross-functional teams. He has consistently increased revenue during his career and generated record-setting results within numerous industries such as construction, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Walt grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, and was an accomplished baseball and basketball player. His first introduction to the world of sales came when he was 12 years old and had the unquenchable desire to upgrade from his hand-me-down bicycle.

Using his father’s borrowed lawnmower, he went door to door selling his lawn mowing services to the neighborhood. The experience not only enabled him to earn enough for the bike of his dreams, but it also helped him realize his life’s mission.

From that point on, Walt worked multiple jobs, buying his first car at 14 and putting himself through college. Walt graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

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Our music

Why would a sales force effectiveness organization have a section of their website dedicated to music? The reason is simple: sales is both a left and right brain activity. It cannot be treated as a purely artistic or purely scientific endeavor. We’ve found that just like music, sales requires the right mixture of technical skill, inspiration, and soul.

Tami R. Parker, National Accounts Director & Partner

Tami R. Parker is the National Accounts Director and Partner at Revenue Alchemy, where she develops and implements sales force effectiveness projects, including clearly defined strategies that maximize revenue opportunities of new named prospect accounts clients. Tami is responsible for the account management and upsell of “named accounts” as assigned. Tami is also responsible for achieving a monthly revenue quota.

She understands the communication needs of business clients and designs solutions to meet those complex business needs. Prior to joining Revenue Alchemy, Tami has extensive experience in management consulting, and business services with assignments placing CEOs, COOs, managing partners, and other executive leaders across professional services organizations such as Information Technology, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Executive Search and Media & Entertainment. Tami has had global account responsibilities for several multinational organizations.

Tami holds a bachelor of arts in business administration from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

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